Crafts Precision Engineering and Tools Pte Ltd was first established in 1985. It started as a small machine shop with general equipment and machines producing less precise automation parts.

Today Crafts Precision Engineering & Tools Pte Ltd has grown into a highly innovative company providing a very complete engineering service to meet the demands of those in plastic moulding, metal stamping and precision engineering industries. Our accomplishments today have been greatly inspired by our corporate philosophies, vision & mission.

"We have never turned down a customer's order and we do not intend to start it" as quoted & instilled by our Managing Director. This has been practised by us since our establishment till today.   An ongoing process of continually investing into new technologies and state-of-art equipment has enabled us to produce the finest for all our customers.

Our dedicated team of engineers & technicians are always ready to provide you with the best advice for your project. Our expertise will ensure that all your projects will be cost effective and of the highest quality. We are ready to mobilise all our resources to provide the necessary support you need.

We extend our warm welcome to you to visit our ultra modern office/plant or to have a preliminary discussion with us.


We have cultivated the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) Awareness to all Employees for the Protection of your Confidential InformationBasic procedures were implemented to our employees to ensure that they understood the NDA impact and follow procedures closely. All employees are requested to sign a Contract Agreement with the company to maintain high levels of customer confidentiality.


We are a truly innovative machining centre for Quality & Reliability








1985Crafts Precision Engineering & Tools Pte Ltd was first established

1995Penetrated more deeply into the machining technology with carbide material 

2000Crafts Precision moved into the present ultra modern office/plant and Achieved the realisation of Micro-Moulding

2003Crafts Precision focused expansion of our overseas market share with our business partnership 

2004To further enhance the grown of a highly innovative company providing a comprehensive One Stop Service to meet the demands of those in plastic moulding, metal stamping and precision engineering industries

2006Great enhancement for the growth of a highly innovative company providing a comprehensive one stop service with capital investments in New technologies, software and state-of-the-art equipment for design and fabrication of stamping tools , Plastic Mould and Precision Engineering Industries

2007Invest in tooling system for EDM, Wirecut & CNC milling process to further improve productivity so as to meet the competitive market demand

2012To further enhance Process design, Ultra Precision machining operation with the collaboration of institutions Nanyang Polytechnic and SIMtech to provide a comprehensive & innovative technology & services for Machine Components customer

To DateGreat enhancement of design, Dynamic flow simulation & Ultra Precision machining operation with the collaboration of Business Associates and R&D Institution to provide a comprehensive & innovative Technology & services to our customer